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Bring your location imagination and lets travel to another place in time...

Meet "The Siesta", a coveted 1978 American Clipper "Party Model" with a Dodge Sportsman front end. 

This vehicle truly is a time capsule, having one owner who meticulously maintained it for the entirety of its life. Everything in The Siesta is original and any details or accessories that have been added are authentic and period correct. 

When entering The Siesta, you are transported to a late 70's California daydream. As surf-safari inspired fabric shades the windows, orange velvet upholstery contrasts against an entirely wood paneled cabin. Harvest shag carpet makes its debut throughout, even lining the cab of the van. The rear facing kitchenette makes for plenty of room to hang at the dining area or listening lounge across the aisle. The only thing missing from this fantasy, is where you park it. 

While this is only a vehicle, it brings a story to any location as she's fully mobile and ready to travel to your dream background - beach or desert.

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