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Take a trip away from the city and it's congestion and pressure to an escape in the mountains of Los Padres National Forest. Just a beautiful 70 min drive from Los Angeles and you will find yourself in another mind state, surrounded in the Pines.

Nestled in the small resort community of Pine Mountain Club, the Lone Pine has been a place of relaxation and retreat for many.

Built in 1973, this custom architectural cabin features exaggerated design references for its time, as the entire community was established in 1971 and is located within close proximity to the city. During the resurgence of vacation homes in the 70's, this was a "nearby, faraway place" for Angeleno's to stake their little piece of heaven and build the cabin of their dreams.

 Thoughtfully maintained by vintage preservationists and enthusiasts, the space was authentically designed with the decade in mind. Vintage decor dresses this home wall-to-wall, celebrating authentic late 70's and 80's design at it's finest.  Cream and natural tones blanket most of the living quarters of the home, while bringing in a bit of the city with 80's lacquer and brass in the bedrooms. 

Relax in one of two living spaces with comfy sofas and several books to get lost in. As this is a place to unwind and recalibrate, we've left our favorite readings behind for the next soul to enjoy. 

Pine Mountain Club is home is to an array of activities for visitors to enjoy.  At the base of PMC, you will find a golf course and swimming pool, only available to PMC members and their guests.  Within walking distance from the Lone Pine, venture out to a waterfall for the afternoon and breathe in the fresh air at a mile high in the sky. The incredible silence in nature is always a reminder that nothing matters out here, but being present. 

We are excited for you to find your moment of peace... welcome to The Club.


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