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LET'S TALK ABOUT G.O.D. // "The Good Old Days"

Welcome to The Valley Shrine, a mid-century architectural church that sits below the beautiful Santa Susannah pass.

After the post-war bustle, families found serenity in the suburbs of The San Fernando Valley. This property was built in 1959, and features an exaggerated A-frame Sanctuary, stacked with stained glass windows that extend down its sides drenching the interior with God's light. Modernist globes dangle from the exposed wood ceiling, illuminating the space from within and taking us back to a time of simplicity in design. 

In addition to the Sanctuary, you have an opportunity to create on the grounds, which includes a shaded green space, with lush Eucalyptus and a rose garden. The exterior of the classrooms can double as a motel exterior from the lot. Surrounded by greenery, this church sits amongst nursery farms, allowing for a true feeling of the original Valley from the moment you enter the property.


Available during your production is set design as shown in the images, a parking lot that can host up to 20 vehicles, a dressing room with connected restroom, and most importantly the sanctuary, grounds, and garden. This is the perfect production space for live music performances, streaming, music videos, films, and still photography.

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