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Welcome to The Valley Capri: A private residence that celebrates quintessential California and vintage design.


Built in 1953, this time capsule is nestled in the heart of The Valley and features a 1,700 sq ft single-story floor plan, sparkling pool, surrounding desert gardens, and all the essential details needed to fully embody it's time. The Capri has been entirely restored to a suburban Los Angeles home living it's lifetime at the tail end of the 70's.


We've curated a selection of pieces that harmoniously create a space that looks & feels as though a family has enjoyed living here since the 1950's. Everything, down to the wallpaper, knobs, and switch plates, have been curated and replaced to best represent the time period. Each piece on the property was sourced in California, most of it coming out of estates here in Los Angeles or passed down from our Angeleno family.


In addition to the home itself, the backyard teleports you to a desert oasis. Along the poolside sits a 20 ft breeze block feature, cactus lined wall, and a tropical garden setup with fireplace.


Let's take a trip back in time to Los Angeles, 1979.

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